Get the most of Asakusa in a single evening!

Get the most of Asakusa in a single evening!

Duration: 4 hours / Difficulty: Easy


This tour consists of two parts: in-depth history tour followed by traditional izakaya restaurant dining.

  1. 1400-year history tour in Asakusa
    - Away from daytime bustling and jostling, immerse yourself in incredibly serene Asakusa and listen to our guide recounting its 1400-year history.
    - Savor subtle and profound beauty of historic landmarks lit up by night illumination.
  2. Dining at traditional izakaya restaurant
    It's fun time now!
    - Japanese cuisine is not just about sushi or sashimi. Taste what the locals enjoy. Your guide will be your navigator of many dishes loved by people for centuries.
    - Breathe and experience the unique atmosphere of izakaya itself. You may have a chance to interact with locals there.

Departure Time:
18:30 in summer (Apr. 1 – Sep. 30)
- 17:30 in winter (Oct. 1 – Mar. 31)
To protect integrity of the tour to be enjoyed by all of our guests, we will NOT wait for any guest who fails to show up at the meeting point at designated time. The tour will start on schedule and no refund will be provided.

Meeting Point:
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  1. 1400-year history tour in Asakusa
    We've got 1400 years of history to cover, but don't worry — our tours are limited to 6 guests, so you won't miss a thing!
    During the meet-and-greet you'll receive colourful, hand-illustrated maps and booklets made just for this tour.

    First we'll get to know Sensoji temple, Tokyo's essential sightseeing spot. Learn the history and secrets of this ancient place, while participating in the temple- and shrine-visiting rituals that Japanese people know. You'll have fun drawing a paper fortune. We'll even take a detour into the quiet back streets feel history of this neighborhood.

    After that, we'll escape into the 'Rokku' area: Asakusa's traditional entertainment district, always bustling yet rarely busy. Walk through the Meiji period into the present day. This district of endless novelty — movies, comedians and exotic animals — became a quaint neighbourhood of handicrafts and nostalgia. Through vivid descriptions of its complex, colourful history, you'll even see sights that aren't there to see anymore!
  2. Dining at traditional izakaya restaurant
    An izakaya in Tokyo made international news in 1962, when Robert F. Kennedy ate there during a meeting with Japanese labor leaders. Since alcoholic beverages play a key role in izakaya, it is often expediently translated as "pub" or "tavern," However, izakaya is very different from those Western counterparts and is typical in Japan.

    Guests are seated on chairs to drink / dine from tables. They can enjoy a whole gamut of alcohol and soft drinks with diverse dishes that generally go well with alcohol. Obviously, while guests can enjoy Japanese drnks like sake and shochu, they can also enjoy a wide variety of traditional dishes. Since the stream of dishes can be shared with other participants of the tour, you can have a good time not only enjoying the food and beverages but learning a lot about them from your guide.

Itinerary in summer (Apr. 1 – Sep. 30); one hour earlier in winter season (Oct. 1 – Mar. 31):

18:30 – 19:00 Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center
Preview of the tour route by seeing Asakusa from high up in this building designed by a well-known Japanese architect.

19:00 – 20:00 Sensoji-temple - Heartland of Tokyo
The main part of the tour will begin as you get to know Sensoji, Tokyo's oldest temple and an essential sightseeing spot from your well-informed guide. You'll start at the Kaminarimon or 'Thunder Gate', a symbol of Asakusa, then navigate Nakamise-dori, marvel at the 'Treasure House Gate', and finally enter the temple's expansive main grounds, with plenty of history and secrets to uncover along the way.

20:15 – 22:15 (Dinner at izakaya restaurant)
Dinner at an izakaya restaurant in the vicinity of Sensoji area.

Guests can enjoy dinner at Izakaya with unlimited drinks. While some restrictions apply in selection of drinks, standard drinks at izakaya are available such as beer, sake, shochu, wine, and common cocktails.
Guests can leave Izakaya at any time. The duration is the time slot of our booking.
After the dinner is over, the guide will take those who wish to Asakusa Station.

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