Asakusa: 1400-year history exploration

Asakusa: 1400-year history exploration

Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes / Difficulty: Very easy

Meet your guide outside Asakusa subway station (Ginza line), near Azumabashi bridge, to begin your 3.5-hour walking tour. 

The small size of your group (no more than 6 people) means this will be a personal and memorable experience. Enjoy a view of the Tokyo Skytree overlooking the Sumida River, and time permitting, get a preview of the tour route by seeing Asakusa from high up in a building designed by a well-known Japanese architect.

Then the tour will truly begin as you get to know Sensoji, Tokyo's oldest temple and an essential sightseeing spot — but you'll be touching, tasting and learning too. Its location at the heart of Asakusa also places it at the center of Tokyo's long history, which you'll learn about from your well-informed guide. You'll start at the Kaminarimon or 'Thunder Gate', a symbol of Asakusa, then navigate the hustle and bustle of Nakamise-dori, marvel at the lesser-known 'Treasure House Gate', and finally enter the temple's expansive main grounds, with plenty of history and secrets to uncover amongst its halls, gardens, nooks, and monuments.

All the while, you'll participate in fun and simple temple- and shrine-visiting rituals, just as Japanese people do. Peek at the future by drawing a fortune-telling paper. You'll even take a detour into the quiet back streets to pick up some freshly-made 'melon pan' sweet bread, and enjoy it in the shade on the temple grounds.

Following the excitement of Sensoji, escape into the Rokku area: Asakusa's traditional entertainment district, always lively yet rarely busy. Walk through the Meiji period into the present day, with stops along the way for more Japanese sweet snacks. Once a district of endless novelty — movies, comedians and exotic animals — Rokku passed through its glory days to become a quaint neighbourhood of handicrafts and nostalgia. Through vivid descriptions of its complex, colourful history, you'll even see sights that aren't there to see anymore.

Packed with cosy bars, eateries, and snack stands, as well as boutique shops for traditionally crafted goods of all kinds — how about a horse hair toothbrush? — the narrow, winding and wandering streets of Rokku will lead you through a true 'old Tokyo' experience. Somewhere in this small neighborhood, depending on the needs of the group, your guide will bid you farewell, leaving you with a selection of unique and exclusive illustrated maps and booklets to help you continue exploring.

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